[Last Chance] Pokemon Go Brings Shiny Meltan Back For A Limited Time

[Last Chance] Pokemon Go Brings Shiny Meltan Back For A Limited Time

PoGo players will have another chance to catch Shiny Meltan as well as Shiny Slowpoke as part of a new Pokemon Home event running from November 17-23.

Shiny Meltan Hunt (Last Chance) | Pokemon Go

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Will Be Livestreaming a Meltan Box opening, Last chance to get a Shiny one before the event is over 🙁
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Last Chance For High Chance Shiny Meltan Box

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We get lucky and catch a Shiny Meltan in Pokemon GO! Looks like this Shiny Pokemon has a higher Shiny rate due to how you obtain it! Then we hunt for the elusive Shiny Spoink! Have you gotten a Shiny Meltan yet? Transport yourself back in time with pokemon xy emulator online games assortment, featuring beloved classics.

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