Destiny 2: Beyond Light — How Stasis Sub-Class Customization Works

Destiny 2: Beyond Light — How Stasis Sub-Class Customization Works

Aspects and Fragments will give Guardians some crazy new powers to control the battlefield with.

Stasis powers, builds and unlocks in Destiny 2: Beyond Light

CoolGuy explains everything you need to know about Stasis, from how to customise your powers with Aspects and Fragments, to which builds can give you an edge in PvP.

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NEW Stasis Subclass Info (Warlock SHADEBINDER) & Customization Options! | Destiny 2 Beyond Light

There’s NEW Beyond Light info here for Destiny 2! Today we’re getting a preview of the new Warlock Stasis Subclass, the SHADEBINDER. In addition to new subclass info, we’ve also got new customization options to talk about: both ASPECTS, and FRAGMENTS. Very RPG-ish direction for D2, and I like it.
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Destiny 2: How to Unlock FRAGMENTS & ASPECTS in Beyond Light!

How to Unlock Aspects and Fragments for your new Stasis Subclass in Destiny 2: Beyond light! You can get more fragments every week from the Exo Stranger! Upgrade your already insane new Subclass!
Time Stamps:
00:00 – What you can Unlock
01:02 – Born in Darkness Quest
03:12 – Aspect of Control Quest
03:59 – Entropic Shards Locations
08:06 – Fragment Quests
10:10 – Buying Fragments
→ COMPLETE GARDEN OF SALVATION RAID GUIDE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=froVY9nlLCc

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New #Destiny2 video, showcasing how to Unlock the ability to get Fragments, as well as an aspect in Destiny 2: Beyond Light (New Season 11, Season of the Hunt)! The Beyond Light DLC is out now on PC, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PS5! These Fragments will let you upgrade your new Stasis Subclass, to make some insane Stasis Builds! Potentially some of the best build for PvP and PvE! This is important raid prep for the new Beyond Light Raid!
This also contains the Entropic Shard Locations on Europa for the Aspect of Control Quest! #BeyondLight #Destiny2BeyondLight

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